Private Data

Ongoing projects start with data collection, analysis, and collaboration through private software resources. At these early stages, access to the project data is limited to project participants (by invitation). Our software resources include data management via Sage Synapse, a cloud-deployed instance of the OME OMERO database, cloud-based data storage (typically AWS S3), and access to the HTA deployment of MCMICRO. After publication, this data is made publicly available. Note that all of these resources are either open source or generally available, making it straightforward for others to employ similar resources.

Read about the HTA’s approach to data sharing on the Data Overview page.

Private Data Portal Access for HTA Collaborators

The links below provide access to the Synapse-based private projects that are being used to generate and organize data for use in public tissue atlases. HTA collaborators will receive Synapse group access when data becomes available to share.

Atlas Name Public Data Exploration Request Portal Access Private Data Portal
BRACA 1/2 Atlas Coming Summer 2022!Team:3443961!Synapse:syn27250699/discussion/default
Ludwig Tumor Atlas!Team:3429409!Synapse:syn25931993/wiki/611751
Melanoma Pre-Cancer and Progression Atlas!Team:3436622!Synapse:syn26302609/wiki/613128
Tuberculosis Granuloma Atlas!Team:3443962!Synapse:syn28092390/wiki/617020