Learn Overview

A major challenge in the use and interpretation of highly multiplexed imaging data is that the methods for collecting and analyzing these data are new and rapidly evolving and publications lag well behind the state of the art. For individuals involved in functional genomics, tissue imaging will appear unfamiliar up until the stage at which features of individual cells are generated to create cell x feature tables; however, these tables capture only part of the information in an image. For individuals who are familiar with tissue biology and histology, the scale and complexity of whole-slide high-plex image data require learning new software tools and data analysis approaches.

The LEARN section of the HTA website houses curated resources for learning and adopting multiplex tissue imaging and the infrastructure that supports it. Each section contains educational and training materials that are designed with a different goal.


Our Curriculum section consists of a multi-episode lecture series. These episodes provide overviews of the major technologies in the multiplex tissue imaging and analysis pipeline used to create the HTA. The series features the scientists and engineers who developed and use these key methods and software tools.

This section is recommended for anyone interested in gaining a high-level understanding of our multiplex tissue imaging pipeline. Episodes will direct viewers to more in-depth and targeted material on each technology.


Talks is a collection of internal and external seminars and other presentations given by members of the LSP. These presentations provide use cases and examples of how the methods described in the Curriculum section are applied to scientific questions in cancer and other disease research areas.


The Tutorials section contains step-by-step guides for the software and methods that created the HTA. These are practical manuals for users, recommended for researchers who are adopting these tools in their own research. For design principles and theoretical framework, users should refer to the Curriculum section.