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HTA research involves a collaboration of multiple laboratories in the US and Europe, led by leaders in cancer biology, infectious disease, machine learning/AI, and computational biology. We welcome applications from students, postdocs, and medical fellows interested in joining our labs - view open positions at or contact us at for more information. Alumni from the program have gone on to exciting careers as assistant professors in European and US universities and in the biotech and pharma industries.


HTA research involves a collaboration between multiple academic laboratories and companies that develop instruments, reagents, and software for spatial tissue profiling. We actively encourage companies developing new technologies and instruments for spatial tissue profiling to contact us. We are always interested in testing out new methods and long-term projects can been funded with STTR/SBIR grants. We also collaborate with biotech and pharma companies and are particularly interested in analyzing trial data and developing theragnostics. Note that all collaborations with the HTA involve the usual commitment to scientific publication and eventual release of all data and methods. Inquiries should be directed to for more information.

Frequently Asked Collaboration Questions

Do you need to be at Harvard to be part of the HTA?

No! The HTA is hosted at Harvard Medical School but participating research teams come from across the globe. The resources and methods developed by the HTA are available to the entire scientific community.

Can new teams and individuals join the HTA?

The HTA is also open to participation by research groups in academe, government and industry, but the HTA is entirely funded by external research grants (sponsored research). Thus, the normal route to joining the HTA is to develop a new collaborative research proposal.